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Workshop // Wales

Workshop // Wales

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Join us for a workshop designed to help coaches improve their ability to analyse, coach and programme for the upper body with specific focus on the shoulder.


The workshop is a blended theory presentation with interactive tasks, individual assessments and practical exercise all delivered with a focus on application into your specific training environments.


You’ll be able to identify common movement compensations affecting upper body performance and work with athletes/clients or groups to reduce injury risk, shoulder pain, instability and increase clients’ confidence and performance.


    DATE: Saturday, 3 August 2024


    TIME: 10am to 4pm (6 hours including a lunch break)


    VENUE: Sport Wales National Centre

    Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW

    Note: Places are limited




    The overall theme will be to work through the following:

    1. The Kinetic Chain
    2. Assessments
    3. Protecting the Force Couples
    4. Scaling Dynamic Stability
    5. Strategic Programming


    Through these key pillars we will cover:

    a) An orientation to the functional anatomy of the shoulder and the fundamental kinematic and kinetics involved in high quality movement

    b) Postural and movement assessment protocols that can easily be used in an applied environment

    c) Exploration of common compensatory movement archetypes and the related strength and conditioning exercise selection and programming strategies

    d) Practical coaching to explore ways to enhance dynamic shoulder stability and strength and how this can be implemented

    e) Strategic programme design built around a minimal effective dose approach


    You'll also receive our BASE Programme as an extra bonus [worth £97]


    Shoulders equate for around 60% of all CrossFit injuries and in overhead sports, on average 1 in 3 athletes will incur a shoulder injury during a given season. Furthermore, in contact sport, we know up to 55% of rugby players are competing with some kind of shoulder issue. This is all despite the best efforts of current rehabilitation and strength and conditioning programmes designed to improve upper body performance.


    It is clear there is a significant opportunity to improve the performance of everyone from exercise enthusiast to performance athlete by better understanding and preparing the shoulder for the demands we wish to place upon it.


    Tim has been a strength and conditioning coach in elite sport for 15 years. He has himself had two shoulder surgeries following repeated dislocation during his rugby career and therefore knows first-hand what it is like to take an unstable shoulder and recondition it to a high level. Dynamic Shoulders was created to provide the missing link between current rehabilitation and strength and conditioning practices and in this workshop, Tim will share the key principles, philosophy and methods he is using to build strong, stable shoulders his clients and athletes can trust.

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