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Webinar: Shoulder pain in weightlifting Shoulder pain whilst performing a snatch or clean and jerk is one of the most common shoulder issues those in the sport of weightlifting and CrossFit experience. Whilst it can niggle for a long time, maybe even years and negatively impact your ability to progress in performance and enjoyment, there is good news for anyone in this camp. If you are training regularly but have issues in certain positions or under greater intensities, your shoulder issue can likely be resolved. Weightlifting can expose the shoulder to some challenging positions and we often see the catch in the snatch and the lock out in the jerk as those where people struggle. In this webinar, we’ll break down the key reasons why you might get shoulder pain in your weightlifting and what to do about it. We’ll look at the importance of the kinetic chain, the ability of the shoulder to transfer and express appropriate forces and why how quickly your shoulder can move can be key component that often gets missed.

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35 Edison Way, Arnold, Nottingham, UK

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