Shoulder screening by Tim Stevenson

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Are you frustrated by shoulder pain, instability and lack of confidence that's holding you back and restricting progression. 



You've been struggling with long-term niggles and discomfort that's limiting your training.


You simply don't trust your shoulders in certain positions and you're too afraid to load it. 


You keep finding yourself trapped in the continuous cycle of suffering from injury/pain and successfully completing physiotherapy treatment just to find yourself back at square one not long after getting back into training.

Whatever you're struggling with, we're here to help you build bombproof shoulders you can trust!


Tim is here to help you build strong, stable shoulders you can rely on and have confidence in. Not only utilising his years of experience in elite sport, but also his own personal experience of building his own truly high performing shoulders after being the recipient of multiple shoulder dislocations and two reconstructive surgeries. 

Alex Reeder from Marchon


I have enjoyed my coaching with Tim over the last 6 or 7 weeks. 

Firstly, it has given me a better knowledge and understanding around the shoulder which has helped and been a massive positive in my own training but also given me a greater understanding of what and how I might programme for clients and what we are looking for to create more success for them. 


Secondly my shoulder health has improved, I can now press vertically without pain and I can start to load this pattern more than when I first started. There have been improvements there and I definitely feel the benefit of the dynamic work and movements around the shoulder before I move into my main programme. 


Personal Trainer // Marchon Athletic

Shoulder assessment with Tim Stevenson


Our standard 6-week personalised online coaching package.

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Shoulder Assessment by Tim Stevenson


Work with Tim over 3 months to build stable, strong and pain-free shoulders you can trust.

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Spaces are limited.

Shoulder assessment


Invest in our 6-month programme and we'll give you back the gift of movement, strength and the opportunity to say yes to more life!


Shoulder Assessment by Tim Stevenson with Ollie Marchon

What's Included?

  • Access to a purpose-built coaching app to conduct screenings, analyse your performance and communicate with your coach via video, images, voice notes and text.

  • Screening and assessment with detailed video analysis and breakdown.

  • Programme integration - we'll integrate our interventions with your current training programme for an optimised training experience.

  • A personalised training programme with detail on training frequency, when and how to implement your Dynamic Shoulder Conditioning strategy.

  • Exercise video tutorials to show you how to do each exercise on your programme.

  • Analysis of your exercise technique and support with coaching cues and exercise adaptation; progression/regression.

  • Feedback throughout your training block

  • Individualised testing for movement, stability and strength to create baseline objective data and provide a comparison for future re-testing.

  • Accountability with regular check-ins.

Tim coaching the landmine press

Is this for you?

Our personal online coaching is for you if:

You're struggling with niggling shoulder issues but would not describe yourself as injured.

You're looking to 'return to play' post injury and want to scale your upper body performance beyond standard rehabilitation to make a successful return to your sport with a decreased risk of re-injury.

You simply want to progress your upper body strength, power, speed or endurance to level-up your Cross-Fit, Olympic lifting or hypertrophy.

You've hit a plateau and struggling to progress in upper body movement performance.

You want to perform at a high level and want to prepare.

This is NOT for you if:

You've recently experienced surgery or a traumatic shoulder injury, such as a dislocation, and not yet sought physiotherapy support or you're in chronic pain, have significant instability or some level of debilitation in the upper limb.