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Tim is a passionate communicator with years of experience sharing tailored and thoughtfully crafted messages. 

He is highly flexible in delivery style and format and able to develop specific content to suit an audiences' interests and needs.


Meticulous in his preparation and presentation design, Tim carefully selects and balances content to cater for all learning preferences.

Known for his ability to communicate complex information in a simple but highly impactful way, Tim is dedicated to ensuring participants can apply what they learn. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the workshop. It was the perfect balance between theory and practical. It was clear how passionate you are for the area. I really enjoyed taking part and learnt a few things I will integrate into my own programming.


TASS // National Lead - Practictioner Development

Tim is also a skilled designer with a commitment to delivering complete and impactful presentations. As such he dedicates as much attention to the visual elements of a keynote or workshop as he does the standup delivery. This is an essential component that is so often neglected or overlooked and is one reason why Tim has such impact with his presentation content.

If you would like to speak to Tim about creating and delivering a presentation for your organisation, please get in touch. Potential themes might include: 

  • Athletic preparation for the Paralympic athlete

  • Entrepreneurship in the sports performance industry

  • Business innovation in health, fitness and sport and how to disrupt an industry

  • A complete approach to improving shoulder performance

Below you can see examples of two presentations Tim created and delivered for the School of Calisthenics.


UK Strength + Conditioning Association National Conference 2018

In this session, Tim presents the evidence-based rationale for using closed kinetic chain training in the form of calisthenics to improve upper body robustness and performance.  

SRU 2.png

Enhancing the Athletic Profile

A workshop with the Scottish Rugby Union physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches exploring how calisthenics can be used to improve athleticism and performance of the upper body in the elite rugby performance pathway.

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