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Chauffeurs can't programme

How many strength and fitness training programmes do you think are available right now?

Add the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of online offerings plus all the individual and group programmes written by coaches for face-to-face sessions, the number is unfathomable.

Coaches should be measured on their results but with so much choice, how do we determine the good from the bad?

You start by separating the experts from the chauffeurs.

Chauffeur Knowledge

Warren Buffett once told the story of German Nobel Prize winning physicist Max Planck.

Having received the prestigious award, Max was a man in demand and commenced a tour around Germany where he delivered the same speech on quantum mechanics night after night.

Max had been accompanied to each event by his chauffeur who, through hearing the lecture over and over, had memorised the speech.

One night Planck was feeling unwell, so his plucky chauffeur offered to deliver that evenings lecture himself. Planck agreed.

The self-promoted understudy stepped up and at first did a good job.

That was right up until the first question from the audience, upon which he toppled like a house of cards.

Strategic Programming

You see mastery of a complex subject or idea comes not through memorisation, but from knowing why a specific decision was made over all the other alternatives.

I use the phrase strategic programming to differentiate my process from those who think a loose or even random selection of exercises will suffice.

Truth is programming takes me a long time.

Do I over think it?


Especially not when you factor in variables such as a complex shoulder history, exercise order, desired adaptation, exercise interplay, workload management, training experience, weekly workout structure, personal preferences and ways to boost adherence.

Making informed and considered decisions having thought through the alternatives means I create far better conditions for success. And that is my job. To give the clients and athletes the best possible outcome.

I take that responsibility, and their results personally.

So, what is the takeaway.

If you’re looking for a coach, find an expert.

If you are the coach, don’t be a chauffeur.

If you want to find out how to do that with the shoulder, book a call to find out about our education course.

Personal Online Coaching

Are you frustrated by shoulder pain, instability and lack of confidence that's holding you back and restricting your training progression? We can help you build strong, stable shoulders you can rely on and have confidence in.

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