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Effortless Movement

Tim Stevenson skin the cat movement

Here is the reason you keep getting banged up shoulders.


The ultimate goal of an athletic approach to training should be to make movement look effortless.


Don’t give me the reply that ‘oh max effort won’t always look pretty’.


You’re looking at this through the narrowest of lenses. That being lifting heavy weights. I hate to tell you but that is not the epitome of athleticism. It’s actually the lowest expression of it.


You know why movement sometimes doesn’t look effortless?


It happens when you haven’t earnt the right to do it.


You don’t have the basics to a good enough standard and you have tried to skip to the sexy stuff.


So, if you want to break the constant injury cycle you’re experiencing, you need to do a better job of mastering the basics.


When you have done that, movement will look sublime, graceful, and effortless. Why, because it requires less effort.


So go and get world-class at the basics. You’ll have fewer shoulder problems and you’ll be able to put a few tricks in the locker.


It’s a pleasure to see, which is in stark contrast to having to watch people celebrate and applaud yet another chicken wing muscle up.

Give the crab walk a go - a great example of an exercise that looks simple enough and easy to do until you give it a try.

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